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    I have never waited so long to see a teller in my life. And it's not just once, it's every single time. As opposed to a normal bank, when you arrive you have to sign in and sit down in their waiting room. Only one of the tellers are in sight, and it seems the ones who aren't sit there and cruise facebook in between customers because it always takes them at least 5 full minutes before they come out and greet the next person in line. They might think it's nice this way, not having to stand in line waiting. But in reality it just allows the tellers to take their sweet time. On top of that, the tellers have no sense of urgency when there is a long line. They'll sit there and try to sign each customer up for credit cards, car loan, home loan, you name it. All of that adds up when there are five other people waiting in line on their lunch break. I understand wanting to treat your customers right, and give them attention, but there is a time and place for everything. During a rush when someone just wants to get a new debit card is not the time to take 15 minutes with each customer. They need to either hire more employees, or understand that people's time is valuable and adjust the way they do things. I would have given this place one star but once you finally are able to sit down with someone, they're very nice to you. All in all, unless you enjoy sitting in waiting rooms I would recommend finding a different bank.
    By Butcho22, March 24, 2018
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    Jones grossly overcharged from his estimate and never cleared going above that estimate prior to invoicing. When confronted with this concern he offered I could reduce the bill with sexual favors. Stay far away from this dangerous man.
    By Eva Smith, March 14, 2018
  • Been using First American Title Company from day one of my real estate career and it's been a smooth experience each and every single time. Stephanie Cohen and her team do a great job communicating with both sides of any transaction as well as closing on time.
    By Luke Griffin, February 28, 2018
  • Maul is knowledgeable, available, and an all around good guy. He completed my business and personal taxes quickly and painlessly. Mike is accessible, efficient, quick and thorough. He completed my taxes for me quicker than any other place I have been. He spent so much time trying to break down everything for me and was fine with explaining things more than once. Before our initial meeting he was more than accessible by email, he always repleid very quickly and with thorough answers. I always thought going to an accountant or anyplace besides the chain places like Liberty Tax and H and R block would run me an arm and a leg but it was actually significantly more affordable! And no surprises! I started my own business last year and it has been great having him there to help me navigate the accounting and taxation gauntlet. Highly recommend ATP.
    By Kal Locke, February 23, 2018

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